Doručenie ZADARMO pri objednávke nad 60€


The quality you deserve

In our family roastery Padmé, we base ourselves on quality. The quality and excellent taste that you deserve when drinking your beloved cup of coffee is achieved by the precise selection of the best varietal coffee of specialty quality, proper roasting and ensuring that it is always fresh. That is why in our roastery we roast regularly in smaller batches, and in our offer you will only find fresh coffee, full of intoxicating flavors and aromas.


We select coffee for you so that everyone can find the right alternative adapted to their preferences.

We only roast specialty coffee from current seasonal harvests.

We roast coffee regularly, so you only get it fresh from us.

We roast to the City degree (espresso roast), so our coffee is suitable for all preparation methods (espresso, automatic coffee machine, filter, mocha/koťogo, potted). We also roast some coffees at a lower level (filter roast), so they are suitable for preparation using alternative methods (filter, Hario V60, chemix, aeropress).


We love great coffee. We therefore decided to take our love for this miracle drink to a higher level. We always approach roasting in our small roastery with love and feeling, which is subsequently reflected in the great coffee we produce. We regularly roast smaller batches, which is why we only supply absolutely fresh coffee of the finest quality.


We select coffee for you according to your tastes and buy it from verified and reliable suppliers. We thoroughly taste each batch that we roast. Each bean that we produce will be guaranteed to be full of flavors and aromas that you will fully enjoy while drinking your coffee.